Saturday, November 9, 2013

teach children to lose

In many households where children are the kings of the house , they forget to parents to teach the art of losing (and winning ) . From 3-4 years of age, children begin to interact with other children , play , etc ... That parents teach him at a young age to lose with dignity and win with education, will be very useful for your path in life .

When children lose in a game is very normal to get angry , pataleen , chillen ... used to at home parents to give everything , do not live in peace defeats. We all know that in life there are times when you lose and do not get what you want , show it to the child is a matter of education and family communication.

Playing with children

When children start in childhood socializing , often also come conflict. Playing at home with parents, or with other children , it is common that children get upset if they do not get their way .

Parents must teach the rules "of good player " who sees the other children as playmates , not as rivals , which meets the standards established in the game and his attitude is positive either win or lose .

Education begins at home, the child's attitude when playing with family or other children should be educated . The child must understand that a fun time is the main thing , not winning. Parents should remove him from the game if you do not comply with the rules , and let you know why. The child should not be overprotected or over other players.

What do parents

It is important that during the course of the game the parents nor praise too the winner or loser child we laugh . Both positions are always going to get in the game, and although the goal is to win , not a bad thing to lose .

The child should know exactly what happens if he gets angry , yells or does not respect the rules of the game. The other children may be upset and not want to play with him, or even be apart from the group . If parents play with it , our attitude should be mature about it , do not get angry if we lose , not the wins bragging .

The stories are always a good trick to teach values ​​to children at this website , one about it.